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What Was God Doing Before He Created The World?

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We’re told it’s like a clover. It has three leafs but still one clover.

We’re told it’s like an egg. It has three parts but still one egg.

We’re told it’s like matter. A liquid, solid, and gas but still one substance. The example would be water, ice, and steam but still H2O.

We’re told it’s like an atom. It has a proton, neutron, and electron but still one atom.

These metaphors all attempt to shed light on the mysterious Trinity. The doctrine of the Trinity resembles a famously lost art piece. Its prestige is renown but it’s beauty hasn’t been witnessed for some time.

The doctrine of the Trinity is on the rise. It’s as if the famously stolen Rembrandt painting has been found. It’s time to restore the painting. We need to carefully remove the dust, dirt, grime, and broken frame to witness the beauty of the painting.

When we avoided the doctrine of the Trinity we lost answers to beautiful questions. One question is: What was God doing before He created the world?

I recently spoke at my church about this topic and when I asked that question, the room laughed. Christians don’t think we can answer that question. The doctrine of the Trinity is an “unsolvable riddle.”

I will be the first to admit God is a mystery but He also has shared things with us. The Scriptures help us to understand what God has made known about Himself.

Interestingly enough the Scriptures tell us what God was doing before He created the world. The Bible fills in the blank on that question. You want to know, don’t you?

The incarnation of the Word of God is the first building block. The Gospel of John tells us the Word that became flesh was actually there at the beginning. He not only was there but made what is now visible. Therefore it’s obvious the Word in this context isn’t the Bible. The Word’s one of the distinct persons in THE ONE BEING of the Trinity. The mystery confuses us once more. Ha!

John teaches us Jesus is both God and man. The Son of God has become incarnate and taken on flesh. We can never exhaust the magnitude of Jesus being the definitive revelation of the Father. The incarnation opens our understanding to the trinitarian revelation of God. The Father sends the Son. The Spirit conceived Jesus and raised Him from the dead.

We see the Father, Son, and Spirit at work in the Gospels. It’s hidden in this revelation that we gain an understanding of what God was doing before He created the world.

John 17:24 “You loved me before the foundation of the world.”

There it is!

Jesus is teaching us that before the Trinity created the world the Father was loving the Son. This isn’t a nice way of saying God was thinking about Jesus. It’s giving us insight into the dynamic of the Trinity. The world was created from this love. Love existed before the world was created and love can only exist in a communion.

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were loving each other sharing in a dynamic of overflowing love then the world was created. The world wasn’t created out of necessity but of desire. The Trinity created us to share their love with us. We’re wanted not tolerated.

That’s the beauty of the doctrine of the Trinity! And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s all pray for the restoration of this lost masterpiece.

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