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The Trap Every Young Leader Needs To Avoid

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The desire to do big things is a common trap for young leaders! Why is it a trap? Unfortunately, young leaders can make the size of a task equal to the importance of a task.

A young leader can create a hierarchy of task importance where tasks that are less like to get applause are lower importance. This is the negative side effect of being driven. The unredeemed drive in young leaders can lead them to believe serving is simply a means to promotion. Immaturity sees serving as a stepping stone rather than the goal.

The error makes young leaders avoid serving. They’re on the hunt, looking for the next big thing that makes them feel important. It keeps them wrongfully valuing what gets them notoriety instead of the unseen servanthood of Jesus. It’s an uncommunicated selfishness.

When young leaders make “big” synonymous with “important” they distance themselves from people and begin a hierarchy of the elite. This hierarchy of horror keeps leaders detached and stuffy. Tasks of great importance will be overlooked because they don’t appear to gain significance in the eyes of others.

Interestingly enough Jesus was handed everything from the Father yet He grabbed a towel and washed the dirty feet of His disciples. This was unnoticed by the crowd and could appear beneath Him. Servanthood WASN’T A SEASON. It wasn’t something to do while He waited for His promise to be fulfilled. It wasn’t something to be promoted out of but something He was promoted into.

We must remember the size of a task doesn’t equal the importance of it. The sooner we understand it the quicker we become quality young leaders. Soon we won’t be looking for the next opportunity to be promoted to but one to serve.

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